Healing Breath

The Program Includes

  • 60-minute Healing Breath & Awareness Sessions via Zoom
  • Access To Private Folder with Session Notes For Actions To Practice & Integrate In Your Life
  • Learn Nervous System Skills and Awareness Tools For Self-Regulation 
  • Learn Breathwork Tools To Release Fear & Heal Stress & Anxiety
  • Full Text Message + Email Support For Support & Accountability
  • Seasonal Lifestyle Assessment To Align Your Life & Your Vision
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This Program Is For You If

  • You want to learn tools and skills to be more conscious, aware & present
  • You want to heal yourself from emotional hurts, trauma & stress
  • You struggle with anxiety, self-doubt & self-sabotaging behaviors
  • You don’t know who you are outside of your roles, status & identity
  • You want to learn how to live with more trust, ease & freedom
  • You are ready to dive deeper into self-love, inner-focus & soul-work



Conscious Breathing

Our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a branch of our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which is part of our Central Nervous System (CNS – Brain + Spinal Cord.) Our ANS regulates and controls our breathing, unconsciously. This means we do not have to think about breathing because this part of our nervous system is doing it for us. The problem is that most people are unconsciously to their breathing (and life) resulting in shortness of breath, tension on the heart, less oxygen to the brain + body and an increase in harmful toxins in their body from excess amounts of stress and anxiety. This results in DIS-EASE of mind, body & spirit. Mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. As we practice bringing conscious intention + awareness to the patterns in our breathing, we heal & regulate our nervous system into peace, balance, harmony and connection in our mind, body, spirit & life.

Mind, Body & Nervous System

We are complex and integrated human beings living inside this physical and dense body. Coursing through our body is an energy – spirit – connecting us to everything around us. The problem is most people do not see life from this perspective. The normal way of thinking and operating is that we are separate from everything which causes excessive fear, anxiety and control along with a lack of personal responsibility and ownership for our health, energy, life and relationships. Using the power of our mind + body connection (brain-heart coherence), we will practice somatic awareness tools and embodiment skills to restore trust, safety, balance, harmony and connection within our nervous system + life. Our life is a reflection of what is happening inside, our thoughts, beliefs + nervous system. If this is true, we must practice bringing our awareness into our mind + body (presence) so we unlock the keys in restoring connecting, balance and harmony within our life and relationships.



Shadow-work is a psychotherapeutic process for healing, liberating and awakening parts of ourselves that are stuck in hurt, pain and suffering. Invented by the famous psychologist, Carl Jung in the 20 century, we use this practice to cultivate self-love and self-acceptance. Liberating the parts of ourselves that have been hurt from being abused, neglected, rejected, abandoned, bullied, heart-break, addictions, drugs and violence. These parts may show up as a harsh and judgemental inner-critic, fear of being hurt, problems trusting in Self + others, perfectionist tendencies, addictive patterns, never being enough and controlling behaviors. Using Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy (SIFS Therapy), we practice somatic awareness and embodiment skills to build a kind, trusting and loving relationship with all parts of ourselves. As we practice being a whole, integrated and embodied human being, we started to attract and align with our authenticity, ideal lifestyle + relationships we desire to create and experience.


Embodiment Skills & Tools

Through our healing somatic awareness and breathwork coaching sessions, you will learn skills and tools that will support you in being present in your body, relationships and life. This program is designed for you to practice and embody what I am sharing with you. I will act as your guide – your teacher – where you will learn how to regulate your nervous system, connect into your power and awaken your intuitive abilities so you can experience a healthy, conscious, and purposeful lifestyle radiating in your light and shining in your authenticity. 

Authentic, Conscious & Intentional Lifestyle

Throughout this program, you will remember and reconnect with your most authentic and true self. In each session, you will unlock new powers that give you access to deeper presence, joy, play, passion, curiosity and wonder. Our sessions are a time of practicing how to to slow-down our nervous system, check-in on what is present, reflect on what is happening, practice embodiment skills and somatic awareness tools in real-time together. Then, you go out into the game of LIFE where you practice integrating these new insights, awareness, tools and skills into your personal & professional life, creative projects, community and relationships. Simply by doing this type of inner-healing focused work, you will notice patterns and changes happening in your life and relationships. In this season of your life, you will be fully equipped with somatic awareness tools and self-leadership skills to navigate these changes, shifts and upgrades happening inside of your Self and outside in your reality.