Learn Tools For Your Healing Journey & Skills For Aligning Your Life

Have You Found Yourself On The Path of Healing?

If you have found yourself on the path of healing and awakening, you are being called into the next version of yourself and your life. You have been chosen as one of the brave and heart-centered humans who is ready to change your life from the inside-out.

This is an inner-adventure into the heart of who you are by integrating and aligning your mind, body and soul so you can live with more ease, love and freedom.

Are you ready to harness the power in your presence?

There comes a point in life where we begin to realize there is nothing outside of ourself that is truly going to solve our problems. Make us feel worthy or enough. Fix our insecurities or heal our pain. This is an inside job.

In order to take this inner-journey, we must learn how to drop our armor of fight, protection and survival. We must be open to practice the ways of softening into vulnerability and trusting in a new way of breathing, being and living from a more authentic space.

This inner-focused approach will create a deeply satisfying, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

I will be your guide in teaching you a life-shifting framework filled with nervous system tools, awareness skills and lifestyle practices that will help you navigate the chaos of life with more safety, ease and trust.

I am here to support you as you remember what it is 
to love, accept and embrace all parts of yourself. This is the path of loving ourself, feeling safe and whole from the inside-out. Beyond our titles, labels and achievements. Beyond our identity and the roles we play out in the world.

Our culture has taught us an outside-in-approach that is externally driven and focused. That we need to be perfect, have it all together and pretend to be someone in order to survive, strive, get ahead and win.

Our culture has taught us we need to always be ON, going and doing. Living with a sense of urgency and demand so we feel enough, worthy and valuable trying to hold together an image.

Our culture has taught us that we need to chase validation and approval through over-working, over-doing, over-giving and over-striving in an attempt to keep up with societal demands, pressures and expectations.

When we get stuck in this way of operating,
our life force energy becomes exhausted.

Our battery becomes empty, we feel depleted.
Our nervous system becomes overworked, we feel burnt out.
Anxiety, stress and fear fills our mind-body system/

We become disconnected, dysregulated and out of tune with our Inner-Self.


It’s time you practice, learn and train how to embody a new way of being. An upgraded way of living and operating that allows for more ease, trust and presence.

This Change Begins Within, Inside Our Body & Nervous System

It’s time for you to discover a new mode of operating – a new way of thinking, feeling, breathing, moving, living and being – that has you live with awareness, presence and purpose.

It’s time for you to upgrade to a newer version of you by learning how to navigate your inner-focused healing so you can live with more ease, intention and authenticity.

It’s time for you to learn a proven-framework of practical tools and skills that will allow you to master your Self, shift your energy and heal your emotional pain so you can be empowered in living a heart-centered lifestyle during every changing season that life brings you.

About Scotty King

Scotty King is a Breath, Awareness and Movement Teacher specializing in guiding individuals on their journey towards healing and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Having triumphed over addiction and self-destructive behaviors in his early adulthood, Scotty embarked on a profound transformational journey that led him to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Yoga + Breathwork + Meditation Teacher. 

With a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, he ventured into the Eastern World, immersing himself in ancient healing practices, extensive spiritual studies and yogic lifestyle modalities.

Now, with over 7+ years of experience as a teacher and guide, Scotty empowers others to live with more intention, purpose and presence through conscious breathing techniques, self-awareness skills and mindful movement practices.

His mission is to restore the heart of humanity, one breath at a time.

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  • Releasing trauma, fear, worry, stress and anxiety
  • Taking the edge off, decluttering the noise in the head
  • Getting out of survival mode; overthinking and hyper-vigilant mind 
  • Regulating body into a loving, calm and compassionate presence
  • Healing emotional pain to feel at ease, lighter, open and peaceful
  • Unlocking self-healing abilities, intuitive gifts and higher wisdom
  • Cultivating self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness
  • Experiencing joy, richness and fulfillment of present moment


It was so soul-nourishing and special to meet you and spend some time with you. Thank you so much for leading me on my journey - and also for making my workouts feel fun and getting me back into a routine. The silent meditation hike was one of the most powerful and moving experiences. You're such an amazing life coach / healer and the biggest thank you for also helping me get over my fear of the dark - the labyrinth at night was so magical! Keep shining your light Scotty!!
I have been in therapy over the last 13 years. One session with Scotty was more profound and healing than all these years of traditional therapy combined. His presence is a gift.
Before my journey I was extremely tired and stressed running myself into the ground. I surrounded myself with an unsupportive environment and was stunting my authenticity, pursuing a path that wasn’t my own. My biggest breakthroughs were learning to be with my body; through breath work, listening to my body’s cues and energy to be authentically aligned where I’m meant to be. Another breakthrough that sits with me deeply, a mantra now, is ‘to be with the void’ (a personal ‘aha moment’ in our time together - I have no doubt every one of Scotty’s clients will find their own). Now That I’ve completed our time together, I’ve shifted and am pursuing a path I love. My work and art have become better. The feedback I get from clients on how my work resonates, is a testament of the domino effect in aligning with my spiritual being and purpose.
Creative Artist
I have previous experience of breathwork with two different facilitators and I'd like to say that you bring something really special, Scotty King. It's a deeply masculine holding of the whole process on many levels. I can sense the way it rolls in you, and this energy becomes magnetically present in me too. Then you actually hold the space for the group in that same way. So I feel entirely held and can fully let go into the process in a deeply feminine way - and also use a strong and full focus which is intensified by resonating with you. This is an experience of masculine and feminine energetics inside me, full force, at the same time in perfect synergy. Full on power to take into life!
Sarah, PHD
Creative Regeneration Coach & Therapist
People's faces light up when your name is mentioned. They smile and say something like, "What A Gift Your Are." It has been a real gift and pleasure to have worked with you and sharing together. You are very special and a gift to this world. Keep being you because you are a wonderful blessing!
A drastic life change happened to come about during my time with Scotty. Because of the tools and support he has given me, I am navigating this adjustment with an open mind and much more clarity that I would have been able to achieve on my own. I am able to approach this new chapter with excitement and curiosity instead of doubt and fear.
Vice President
This was the beginning of a profound heart opening journey, I took with Scotty King, holding space for me, to awaken my inner healer. I had many struggles in life before working with Scotty. The main three being: Loving myself, Receiving love from others and Setting Boundaries The three things that helped my breakthroughs and results were and are: Breathwork and meditation sessions, Coaching sessions and Accountability to do the work! There are so many things I am experiencing now that have forever changed my life after working with Scotty, here are the main three: I own and am moving forward with my dream company that has only existed in my head for 6 years. I live completely in the present moment and for the first time ever in my life “I want what I have.” I love myself completely. The story of meeting Scotty shows how connected and dedicated Scotty is to his gift of helping others open their hearts and heal. Scotty's dedication to the care and maintenance of his own life and heart are responsible for his success in helping others. Scotty is truly a breathwork master and can guide you to beautiful places in your soul through his meditations. Scotty answered the call to raise the vibrations and open the hearts of many, so those many can open the hearts and raise the vibrations of many more.
Scotty is such a pure, empowered and authentic soul. The work he facilitates truly comes from the inside out. Scotty makes this type of transformative work approachable and exciting. He guides so gently and yet powerfully. Several times after our sessions, I've felt like I've moved MONTHS of work, stagnation and energy. Scotty is lighthearted, sweet like honey and super motivational. It's nothing short of a miracle to meet Scotty and receive his gifts.
Creative Artist
Thank you x1000! I am still processing the experiences I had the honor to have thanks to you. I'm so very grateful for the knowledge, kindness, wisdom, patience and healing you shared with me. Definitely the highlight of my week and the start to the rest of my life!
Entrepreneur Chef
The simple breathing technique you taught me has truly changed my life. No more pharmaceutical interventions which I had come to rely on far too frequently. Thank you so much for this huge gift. The change has been revolutionary.
Scotty guided me through this journey in a way that allowed me to feel safe enough to tap into the parts of me that needed to be brought to the surface in order to be healed. I achieved more healing and self awareness in a few short months with Scotty than I had in years of traditional therapy.
When I first met Scott, I was coming out of a 30 year addiction. Full of Fear, anger, unworthiness and stuck in old conditioned beliefs, agreements and attachments. After observing Scott's lifestyle and the transformation he was making within himself and especially the profound impact he was making in others, I found the will to believe I can live a better life beyond my wildest dreams. I surrendered and dedicated myself to his program that has forever transformed my life. Through this transformational journey, coaching, and spiritual guidance, I was taught to tame the ego, discover root causes, allow and feel my true real raw emotions, receive, break down limiting beliefs and barriers, and be in a life of evolving healing through self reflection and self love. I now realize that I am enough. I learned to listen to my intuition and spirit. Clearing this space and breaking those changes has given me the courage to be in truth, divine connection, higher self and manifest the life I always dreamed. I might have been able to get sober but I never knew I could live a life of bliss, love, joy, contentment. I'm so proud of myself, other's and especially Scotty for allowing me to find my true path, dharma, gifts and purpose. Love and light! Many blessings, gratitude, and appreciation. I have been Awakened!

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